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Two of my favorite things in the whole world (besides shopping and puppies and naps and coconut cream pie and my little sister and conversations with smart people) are history and photographs. That’s why I was so excited when I visited the beloved Google search engine today and it told me about the new LIFE photo archive which goes back to the 1750’s and is powered jointly by LIFE and Google. Turns out, if you add source:life to any search, you’ll come up with only LIFE photos. That might come in especially handy at the reference desk.

Besides being searchable, the photos are also organized by decade and by subject. So, there are three ways to find the LIFE pictures you’re looking for. I spent some time browsing by subject by year. I found some really fun pictures. Let’s check them out.

Audrey and Oscar!

Audrey and Oscar!

I found this one in the Academy Awards section. I’d sure like a dress like that!

Woody killin' fascists!

I found this one in the 1940’s section. I can’t help but go ‘Awwww…” when I see Woody Guthrie. Especially when he’s wearing a turtleneck! I bet that came in handy when he was hoppin’ trains!

Field trip!

This is the mosaic entrance into the museum on the grounds of the Frank Phillips vacation home outside of Bartlesville, Oklahoma. The picture is from June of 1949. I wonder if those kids are talking about how excited they are at just seeing real shrunken heads. That’s what I loved most about that place when I was their age.

This is a very useful digital collection. How nice of everyone at Google to help LIFE organize their archive of pictures so that they’re all easy to find!


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  1. * Kim Goss says:

    Yes! Woolaroc is a great place and getting even better! Have you also seen Frank and Jane Phillips townhome — a 26-room mansion in downtown Bartlesville? It is open for tours Wed-Sat and is like stepping back in time with original furnishings and tour guides that tell stories of the Phillips family as you visit each room.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 3 months ago
  2. * dolores says:

    Very cool collection. Once upon a time there was a board game entitled Life based on the magazine. I cannot remember much about the game as I never really played it except for the box of pictures that were to be used during the game. I do not know where that box of pictures is now, but I remeber looking thoufgh them and thinking they were neat and that they were an expression of our history.

    | Reply Posted 10 years, 3 months ago

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