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One of the most important aspects of a collection, digital or otherwise, is that its developers take into account the audience for which it is intended. The website maintained by the American Library Association is a digital collection which at first would seem to be aimed at only information professionals. However, the information it provides is useful to prospective librarians, informed United States citizens, and people who simply love the library and know it is useful to them for lifelong learning. The Website has just been re-organized, and it seems its a little bit incomplete in parts, but I feel confident that it will be complete and its usefulness will be maximized shortly. Let’s take a look at what it has to offer.

Since this blog is concerned mainly with the creation and maintenance of digital libraries, it is encouraging to know that thet ALA website will soon have resources available on blogs, periodicals, and zines, which are web-based information services and can be part of digital collections. In addition, the site will soon offer information on joining a special arm of ALA called LITA, or the Digital Libraries Technology Interest group. This group will provide collaboration on issues linked to “standards, archiving, infrastructure, and technology refresh.”

National Libraries Legislative Day is scheduled for May 11-12, 2009. Here you can watch a video about the issues on the table this year, and learn how to get involved in lobbying your delegates to vote in ways that benefit our libraries and information centers.

If you decide you want to be a librarian, these are the things you\’ll have to know, they’re also called “core competencies.” This is how much money you\’ll make. (Don’t get too excited here!) Here you can find out the educational paths you’ll need to take to become a librarian. If you’re already a librarian, here are some ongoing professional development and learning resources which might be helpful to you.

Everyone loves the “READ” posters which are sponsored by ALA. This one is probably the most popular right now, since Twilight-mania has taken hold! I’m not going to lie here, Bella and Edward sort of creep me out. It won’t stop me from reading though!


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