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The Golden Hurricane, not Hurricane Gustav

Since the first two digital collections I have shown you are Oklahoma-related, I’d rather not get too crazy and try something new. I’m too old and set in my ways for things like that. Instead, let’s see what’s going on with the digital collections at University of Tulsa’s McFarlin Library Department of Special Collections and University Archives.

I remember in high school, I dated this older guy who was a terrible pseudo-intellectual, and he would always mention the James Joyce Collections at T.U. in conversation (I’m positive he did this instead of trying to tell people he had actually read Ulysses, because no one would have believed him.) Anyway, I thought of that when I got this assignment, and wondered what parts of that collection had been digitized. Turns out there’s not much, just this riveting slideshow of some of the collections’ first edition covers. It’s a bit like watching paint dry, or reading Ulysses. Moving on.

The Digital Collections at U. Tulsa are rich and varied. The V.S. Naipaul Archive is interesting in that it is still growing. Mr. Naipaul himself keeps the last ten years of his papers since he is still a working writer, and the oldest materials are transferred every two years. The archive itself is not digitized, but its holdings are outlined.

Let’s talk about some more pictures, shall we? The Maps of the American West collection contains scanned images of seven maps including an 1844 map of the Indian Territory, Northern Texas, and New Mexico. Maximize it. I dare you.

The Photographic Archive of the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 is interesting, but terribly sad and a little bit graphic. I ignored the disclaimer and perused it, and it was no fun. Just lettin ya know.

It appears that the librarians at McFarlin are working on adding newly scanned items to their collections, and they are encoding new finding aids using Encoded Archival Description, or EAD. I completely understand it all and you will too after you read this lovely paper.


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