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An Old Fashioned Recipe Box… Digitized

Now it’s time for me to discuss yet another example of a digital collection with you. If you aren’t already obsessively reading the quirky, irreverent musings of this NEOK (that’s Northeastern Oklahoma, remember that because I won’t explain again) ranch wife on her blog like I am, then you’re missing out. The Pioneer Woman muses daily on all aspects of her disgustingly idyllic life on a ranch in Osage County. If you start reading this thing and decide you want to move to Osage County because everything there is just ducky, you should probably read or go see “August: Osage County” by Tracy Letts so that you understand that the area around Pawhuska, America really isn’t as disgustingly idyllic as ‘ol P-Dub makes it seem. Deep breath. Back on track.

As much as I love Pioneer Woman’s photographs (sometimes they make me teary, I grew up around there and I miss the landscape of Green Country) and humorous/poignant/well-written vignettes it’s her extensive collection of recipes that really floats my boat. They incorporate step-by-step photographs, so they’re great for visual learners or people who have been in college for six years straight with only two summers off and are tired of reading. When she organized them (yes! organized!), it really made my little almost-a-librarian’s heart go pitter pat. Let’s check it out. P-Dub’s Recipe File is organized by category like every good old fashioned recipe box. Appetizers, Breakfast/Brunch, several different categories of dessert (that’s an important one), soups, potatoes (the woman lives on a cattle ranch, what else are you gonna serve with beef?), and one of my personal favorites… Cowboy Food and Cowgirl Food. Everyone knows cowboys and cowgirls don’t like the same food! Another really great section is the How-To. Here, Pioneer Woman imparts her wisdom on important cooking methods like chopping onions (I want to challenge her to a race!), cutting a pineapple, and flash-freezing. If you’re not into the whole organization by categories thing, you can always look up her delectable recipes by alphabetical order in the archives. But then you lose that nostalgic, old-fashioned recipe box feel, and why would you want that?

Look at that. I’ve blogged my way straight to dinnertime again. I’ll show you a third example of a digital collection tomorrow, and I promise it will be as riveting as the first two.


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